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Redistricting Data

U.S. Census Bureau will release PL-94-171 data when available from the 2020 Census

PL-94-171 data from the 2010 Census

Statewide Database

The Statewide database provides estimates of citizenship populations by race/ethnicity for each census block group and census tract.

California School Enrollment Information

California School District Enrollment Data

California Department of Education (CDE)

California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) public school enrollments for early October each year since 1981 can be downloaded from this website. Data typically are posted after April of the same school year. Enrollment data are available by grade for each district and for each individual school.

Data and Statistics
Student and School Data reports

California Enrollment Forecasts

Department of Finance, Demographic Projections

Click on link “California Public K–12 Graded Enrollment Projections Table, 2016 Series.” California public K–12 graded enrollment and high school graduate projections by county — 2016 Series. Annual K-12 enrollment forecasts are produced for each California county.

California Birth Data

California Department of Public Health

Publications & Forms:

Links to CDPH Documents, Reports, Online Forms, Brochures, Fact Sheets, Guidelines (clinical, community, treatment), and Fiscal Reports.
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Publications & Reports:

Publications and Reports from CDPH listed A to Z by title. This is not a complete listing. Please check back for new additions.
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Statistical and data tables produced by the California Department of Public Health, including Birth Statistical Data Tables (County Data) and Birth Statistical Data Tables (Statewide Data).
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Birth Profiles by Zip Code (only through 2012):

Profiles of live births, based on the mother’s residence at the time of delivery and include aggregates by Race/Ethnic Group of Mother, Age of Mother, Infant Birthweight, and Prenatal Care Trimester by ZIP Code.
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California Department of Finance, Birth Projections

California’s Department of Finance provides projections of births by county, in a downloadable Excel table. Historical county data are available as well as the projections. The table also includes births by mother’s age group and race/ethnicity for the state.
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California Department of Finance, Demographic Reports

This page contains demographic research and analysis extracted from the 1990, 2000, and 2010 Censuses, the American Community Survey, various years of the Current Population Survey, Annual Social and Economic Supplement, and migration (which describes movements within the same country or state) and immigration (which describes movements between countries).
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U.S. Census Bureau

The Census Bureau publishes an annual report, “Fertility of American Women.” The Bureau is about two years behind, but has detailed analysis of birth rates by age of mother, ethnicity, birth order, and other variables.
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California Housing Forecasts/Data

All cities and counties in California are required to have a General Plan and a Housing Element. These provide a housing forecast at build-out (or the end of the planning horizon).

Councils of Governments

AMBAG – Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments

ABAG – Association of Bay Area Governments

BCAG – Butte County Association of Governments

CVAG – Coachella Valley Association of Governments

FCOG – Fresno Council of Governments

Council of San Benito County Governments

KCAG – Kings County Association of Governments

Kern COG – Kern Council of Governments

League of California Cities

MCAG – Merced Country Association of Governments

SACOG – Sacramento Area Council of Governments

SANBAG – San Bernardino Associated Governments

SANDAG – San Diego Association of Governments

SBCAG – Santa Barbara County Association of Governments

SCAG – Southern California Association of Governments

SGVCOG – San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments

SJCOG – San Joaquin Council of Governments

SLOCOG – San Luis Obispo Council of Governments

STANCOG – Stanislaus Council of Governments

TCAG – Tulare County Association of Governments

WRCOG – Western Riverside Council of Governments

Ca Department of Finance, Demographic Estimates – E-1, E-4, E-5 and E-8 Reports

This agency provides annual housing counts, by type of housing unit, for cities, counties, and the state. Typically available in winter/spring for the previous calendar year.
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National Association of Home Builders

This could be useful if you want to see the big picture about housing development. It also has links to state and some local websites.
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Decennial Censuses

The Censuses provide housing counts, by type of housing and age of housing (but not cross-tabulated), for Census tracts, cities, and counties for the Census year. Published Census tract reports are available in University libraries.

2010 Census

2000 Census

2010 American Factfinder: Click Here

Housing Turnover/Realtor MLS Data

Most local real estate associations provide data for home resales (those listed on the Multiple Listing Service).  Some keep data for only the last 3 to 5 years.

Real Estate Market Trends Reports. Monthly local on-line reports by California county and geographic area.
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For Monterey County Association of Realtors. From home page, go to Association Info and “MLS Sales Stats”
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Bay East Association of Realtors
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